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For the buyer:

  • Manufactured in high quality, easy to clean porcelain or sanitary grade acrylic

For the contractor:

  • Easy to install
  • ‘Water-in’ and ‘waste-out’ through either the floor or rear of the unit; negating the need for sub-floor access

For the employer:

  • Supports Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), equality and diversity policies
  • Mitigates health & safety risks and Disabled Discrimination Act (DDA) compliance risks

For the user:

  • Safe, comfortable and dignified wudu appliance
  • Designed together with numerous WuduMate taps to ensure that the spouts are in the most comfortable position for wudu and at the right angle to minimise splashing
  • The chromed steel stool can be moved to provide a comfortable wudu position for adults, children and wheelchair users, and stored neatly over the unit when not being used
  • Accommodates children and adults

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