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VitrA Arkitekta bidet options complete the series as both design and function.

VitrA’s innovative series has Metropole! softened Corners, A modern touch and brilliantly selected details constitute the Metropole characters. Bidet option that is compatible with the series

QAR,480.00 /pcs
  • Name of Product : Minimax S Bidet Mixer (with Pop-Up)
  • Finish : Chrome/Metallic coating
  • Flow Rate: 9L/Min
  • Flow Feature: Energy -Saving¬†


Vitra Arkitekta washbasins options offers size options for different needs. The ideal solution to create the desired bathroom.

Different solutions for different needs! VitrA S20 series products designed for the specific needs brings rational suggestions to washbasin. Wheel chair can approach easily to custom-designed washbasin.. Ergonomic and comfortable use due to handle and support bars.

S20 series provide quality, durability and aesthetic value in reasonable condition. Ceramic and complementary products in the series that are creating reassuring option.

Bidet option compatible with the design of Sento Wall-hung WC pan.