Highly relating to the conditions that affect hygiene and health, especially the supply of sewage facilities and clean drinking water. Right Quality Make Nabina Ceramics in Top rated place in the Qatar market.


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Acrylic body, Legs, Waste
Has a stylish and functional half oval form. The water temperature, flow and direction setting is provided with optional electronically controlled waterfall by the battery. One piece oval panel makes design integrity.


Vitra arkitekt Close-coupled WC Pan, open back, 67 cm, vertical outlet, white

“New generation of urinal that combines various functions such as VitrAfresh, Rim-ex bowl and photocell to offer the most hygenic use and water saving. Its easy to repair. ”

VitrA offers urinals options that complete aesthetic and functional integrity compatible with different series.

VitrA Arkitekta bidet options complete the series as both design and function.

VitrA Arkitekta washbasins options offers size options for different needs. The ideal solution to create the desired bathroom. The product can be cleaned much easier due to hanged features .

QAR,19,250.00 QAR,10,587.50

Bathtub VASCAMISURA with shelves and Wooden Bench